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Virtual Conference

If, like me, you don’t get a lot of time to watch all the conferences all the way through all the time, you will know there is a huge tressure trove of excellent talks out there you haven’t watched.

I’m creating this post to collect excellent talks I have watched across multiple conferences, meetups and events. I hope you find it useful to consume this collection of talks in an asynchronous fashion. Once I have collected more content I will work on presenting it in my creative ways.

Redefining test automation | Richard Bradshaw | #SeConfLondon

How to guard against scams and hackers | Shey Crompton | Drive - the Partnership Network

The Power Of Reputation | Beth Marshall | The Test Tribe

Online Meetup Recordings | Ministry of Testing

There is an excellent collection of recordings from Ministry of Testing meetups, available for free with Club level membership on the Ministry of Testing Dojo, check them out!