Adding a GitHub personalised profile

less than 1 minute read

Side quest

Today I completed a short side-quest in my learning journey. I added a to my GitHub profile, so now when you visit there is a small custom welcome.

So far I have done a very minimal version based on the GitHub template, and I created it following the official documentation, that you can find here:

What I’ve learned

  • Even a first draft deserves to be spell-checked, as small mistakes stand out.
  • The default template doesn’t have very appropriate emojis for all the examples.
  • The emoji keyboard in Windows 10 is tricky to work and the results don’t look the same on GitHub.
  • Friends tell you when you’ve made a spelling mistake, in public. Thank you Philip Kendall.
  • Great friends tell you in private and give you deeper, actionable feedback. Thank you Lisi Hocke!