Starting my 2021 Learning Journal

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My Plan

My plan is to make small regular posts to document my learning journey in 2021.

Consider what I put on my journal to be “rough notes”. I will hopefully take some of these notes and findings and develop them further into deeper articles.

Whats up first

First of all, I would like to thank Shey Mouse. This journal cribs heavily from the blog he setup over at:

I have found that the site I started building over at the main is becoming a bit too much of an exercise in learning Nuxt.Js and not enough about showcasing my projects or documenting my learning.

As such, I intend to:

  • Maintain this journal as my learning log separate from the main site
  • Re-work the main Full Snack Tester site to use a similar simple blog-style layout, so I can focus on content
  • Bring together my multiple sites and blogs and try and get towards some unification

Other things coming this year

Roughly speaking other things I hope to learn and develop in 2021 that I already know about include:

  • Continued development of Tester of The Day, that is now my main “side project”
  • Collaborations with some of my co-workers as we evaluate technologies, tools and platforms
  • API testing series, that I hope to eventually make into an eBook